Using Self-Hypnosis to Relieve Anxiety


Most of us have anxiety over something in our lives. Using Self Hypnosis to relieve anxiety is often recommended by medical doctors.

If you think about it, there is nothing unusual about such a recommendation.

Self-Hypnosis is all about relaxation and mind control, the very things that relieve anxiety.

Why Are People Anxious About Using Self-Hypnosis

Then why are people anxious about using self-hypnosis? If this tool is used to help people recover from physical and mental injuries, why do they hesitate to use its power? Can it be the image of a person doing ridiculous walks while others laugh? We are not talking about the type of hypnosis that is used in cocktail parties or comic clubs.

Self-Hypnosis is such a strong mental tool, that doctors often use it for pain or healing. In certain types of healing, people are anxious towards the results.

They think they are not able to perform or eliminate the behaviour needed to heal. So often the body responds to what we need in ways that astound people watching. Self-Hypnosis has been used in everything from cancer and burn treatments, arthritis relief, weight loss and stopping smoking to eliminating nail biting or lip chewing.

In fact, it has been used in almost every aspect of our everyday life. For the major area’s such as cancer and burn treatments, professional advice is recommended. For the area’s directly controlled by the individual, self-hypnosis can and does work wonders.

Conscious Part of The Brain

During hypnosis, the conscious part of the brain is tuned out the individual can concentrate only on the area of improvement. Often a phrase or saying is repeated during the process.

This trains the subconscious to accept the suggestions being given. After the session is over, the individual usually can achieve results in the area of interest without difficulty. That is why the individuals are so amazed at the results from self-hypnosis.

They are doing things now, that they have not been able to do for weeks, months or even years before.

Once a person realises the techniques used for Self-Hypnosis, anxiety levels lower due to the very nature of the process. You are taught to eliminate everyday distractions that cause our minds to wonder.

When this is achieved, our heart rate and blood pressure lower. Our breathing becomes calm we become relaxed. All of these by definition lowers our anxiety. We look at life utterly differently. There is nothing to be anxious over Self-Hypnosis.