Using Self-Hypnosis to Stop Smoking


Have you had enough of the endless fight to stop smoking cigarettes? Is it time that you stop the coughing that sounds like the mating call of geese when you wake up, or not being able to climb a set of stairs without pausing and catching your breath?

You would have to live on another planet not to know the health risks of smoking cigarettes, that it is time you stopped.

Perhaps you have tried numerous times, that you know that you have a fight ahead of you that you are not prepared for. With self-hypnosis to stop smoking you can avoid the contradictory occurrences of the removal of the nicotine addiction.

The replacement of one addiction for another like snacking. You will not be in one long bad mood or have any of the other negative characteristics that other smokers have experienced on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Utilising self-hypnosis

Utilising self-hypnosis you can submerse your subliminal mind to train yourself to have the strength to stop smoking that your self-control on its own lacks.

Have you ever heard yourself say you just don’t have the power to do something? You lack determination due to your subliminal mind commanding your emotional drive and your established behaviours.

If your subliminal mind is not working toward the same goal, then you do not have any hope of stopping smoking even if you have already made the decision to.

Self-hypnosis can get your subliminal mind in synch with your conscious mind. Utilising self-hypnosis is setting powerful motivators in place to stop smoking which will overpower you're wanting to smoke.

Being in a complete state of relaxation is demanded of self-hypnosis in order to stop smoking. You must find a place where you can concentrate without your attention being drawn away to practice complete relaxation.

Then come up with positive sayings that you repeatedly say during this period. Here are some suggestions to come up with your sayings. First, keep them in the present, and positive. Second keep it personal. Use the word “I”. “I have stopped smoking”, “I am not controlled by smoking”, etc.

Researchers have proven that self-hypnosis is one of the leading and most successful tools in stopping smoking. Utilising self-hypnosis in your wanting to stop smoking, your subliminal mind will shortly soak up the idea, then shortly you will live a smoke-free life.