Verbal Breathing Synchronization to become Harmonious with the Person


The verbal breathing synchronization technique is used to build a rapport between you and the subject. Rapport is a strong relationship and faithfulness between two individuals. Once you build up a strong rapport with the subject, influencing or persuading them will be a trivial task. Verbal breathing synchronization is a powerful tool used in covert hypnosis to build a fast and strong rapport with other people even if it is a stranger.

We have already seen the basics of verbal breathing synchronisation for inducing rapport with a person without his knowledge.

You should become harmonious with the person by following the steps given below.

  • Speak when the subject inhales or exhale.
  • Adjust your body posture to match the subject slowly and naturally.
  • Adjust the tone and tempo of your voice to that of your subject.

These simple techniques are found to have incredible effect on the other person. Some even feel that you were known to each other or friends since a long time. The motive behind this is also simple, people like those who are like them. When you are acting the way you did you are actually behaving like the subject or he will feel like that. You are not pretending to be like someone whom you are not. But you are just mimicking him for creating a strong relation to attain your objective.

Three other advanced methods can also be used to build rapport secretly with people who are completely strange to you.

They are:

1.Key word replay

2.Ideological matching

3.Synopsis Method

Key Word Replay

Keep close attention to the words and phrases that the subject uses frequently. The subject will be naturally fond of those words and phrases. Identify the situations in which they are using it. When you are telling the story, use these keywords here and there. The subject will certainly believe that you are his kind of person.

Ideological Matching

There are certain ideological issues upon which all people are quite sensitive. Issues like religion and politics are like that and when someone differs from your belief you will jump on them to argue or debate to establish your stand. So everyone use to be silent when dealing with such issues. But in covert hypnosis we can use it wisely to get the trust of the subject. What if you stand on, the same side of the subject? You don’t have to really believe in the issues or support it, just act for some time.

When you are in conversation with the subject identify his stand and support him in his statement. Provide your own views to encourage him in his stand.

Synopsis Method

Another way for ideological matching is empathetic listening. Carefully study what they are saying and simply repeat those words in your stories. The person will feel you are thinking the same way as he is also thinking. This creates a tendency to make the feel that you really understand the subject.

Exercises to Master Verbal Breathing Synchronization

  1. Apply the key word method on your friend tomorrow itself.
  2. Try to apply ideological matching with a stranger.
  3. Try the synopsis method calling a friend to whom you have not contacted for months.