6 Ways to Decorate For A Healthier Home


It is not unusual for people to be so tied down with work and other commitments that they spend more time on public transport, sat in the car, or in the office than they do in their own homes. People are busier than they have ever been before and this is reflected in their non-stop lifestyle. It is important that your health comes first and time at home should be time spent relaxing. A perfect home should be organised and designed to promote relaxation as soon as you step foot inside. There are a few ways that you can make your home, and yourselves, healthier.

Lighting: Lighting in the home is one of the areas of greater importance, allowing for areas of natural sunlight will make anyone happier, so keeping blinds and curtains open for if possible during the sunnier months is an imperative. Other relaxing mood lighting can involve dimmed lights throughout the home; the peaceful vibe can do wonders to a person’s health.

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Wall Design: The colour of a home can easily reflect your mood. If you have a really bright and vibrant room, then the likelihood is you also feel energised. Perhaps perfect for a home office, but we’re interested in helping you relax when you’re not at work. Sticking to simple colours like your blues, greens, whites and beiges will go a long way to letting you feel happier and more relaxed.

Flowers: Acting as both a fragrant and visual addition to the home, flowers can have a profound effect on your mood. Getting home to fresh smelling flowers in your bedroom, your kitchen or in the bathroom will help you get unwind into a state of calmness and relaxation.

Candles: Combining the aesthetics of flowers and the standard light benefits of the home, candles are a perfect option for living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. They help you to relax and the scented ones will create an ambiance throughout the entire home that promotes a healthy mind.

Cleanliness: Keeping the home tidy is an important aspect to any healthy decorating regime. Diverting away from a state of chaos lets you have an ambiance that screams out for you to feel calm, chilled and soothes any overarching stress from work or other commitments.

Things to do before leaving home: Doing things by routine each morning will make your house much healthier for when you’re back. Simple activities like making your bed, drawing your curtains and making sure that your cushions, bed throws and rugs are positioned correctly will go a long way to helping you feel relaxed and happy as soon as you step foot back into the home after work.

A lot of the themes discussed above can be easily repeated throughout different rooms, they are applicable to almost any room in the house to create a healthy atmosphere. Remember that health and frame of mind is just as important as anything else in yourlife, so ensure that your home reflects it.