4 Easy Ways to Help You Stop Smoking


Smoking is now generally accepted to be linked with lung cancer and throat cancer. The toxins contained in one cigarette are lethal and over time can create a cumulative effect on your overall health.

What started out as a social “thing”, became an after dinner “thing” and a goes well with coffee “thing” and pretty soon you stopped bumming cigarettes from your friends and started wasting your money on these cancer sticks.

So, if you know that it’s bad for your health, why is it so difficult to quit. You have to realize that the cigarette companies have poured millions upon millions in research and development in order to make it difficult to leave their client base as a cigarette smoker.

Those toxins that are included in your tobacco are put there solely to keep you addicted to these otherwise useless products. Nicotine levels are boosted in order to create that association of euphoria and the cigarette. Here are a few ways to stop smoking:

1. Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is one of the best ways to stop smoking.

There are no products to buy and become reliant on. Through self hypnosis, the cravings associated with cigarette smoking are squashed in the subconscious mind. This method is one of the most powerful ways to stop smoking.

By shifting your perspective on cigarette smoking, not only will you be smoke free but, you will not experience any of the traditional withdrawal symptoms that you may have experienced with the other ways to stop smoking.

2. Nicotine Gums:

The belief behind nicotine gums is that they help the quitting candidate ween off of this addictive drug thereby, making the withdrawal symptoms less sever.

With less severe withdrawal symptoms, the quitting candidate can focus on more positive aspects of life rather than fixating on that nicotine crave. Nicotine gums are great for preventing nicotine withdrawal.

However, nicotine gums are essentially replacing the dependency of one product with another. While nicotine gums address physiological dependency of nicotine, it hardly serves as any comfort with regard to emotional dependence.

3. Low Nicotine Cigarettes:

The physical motion and sensation of taking a pull from a cigarette is a tough habit to break and live without.

For others, there is low nicotine content super light cigarettes. Low Nicotine Cigarettes are one of the ways to stop smoking. Granted, you are still inhaling carcinogenic smoke but at a much lower nicotine level.

This approach sounds great in theory but, the lower nicotine level tends to drive the quitting candidate to smoke more of these low nicotine cigarettes in order to attain the same levels of nicotine that are present when smoking “regular” cigarettes. It comes down to a matter of discipline which is what got you hooked in the first place. Again, another product replacing another product.

4. The Patch:

Really nothing new here. The Patch is applied to the skin surface and releases a steady dose of nicotine into your system. Again, in theory, this is supposed to help with the physiological symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. But what about the emotional addiction? The Patch like the other ways to stop smoking fail to address the emotional addiction of smoking cigarettes.