4 Ways to Measure your Fitness


If you are after a fitness goal, then you must be eager to know about your fitness progress. Measuring fitness progress is very much important because if you know how much you are improving your fitness you will have a control on your fitness progress. Actually measuring fitness progress is difficult especially when you are starting a new workout or join a gym. Everyone’s fitness level is different and everyone has a different type of muscle, flexibility level, and body composition. But there are some simple ways through these you can know how much you are improving your fitness level. Let’s discuss those topics.

Resting Heart Rate (RHR):

Resting your heart rate is a great way through which you can understand your overall fitness level. How much time your heart beats in a minute indicates your aerobic fitness capacity. How will you do it? Give your body a full rest and when your body is at full rest count the number of heartbeats you feel in a minute. According to “AHA” the number of the heartbeat of an adult person is between 60 to 100. A lower RHR indicates to a higher aerobic fitness level and stronger cardiovascular system.

Push Ups:

Pushup is a great exercise for your overall body and it can be a good indicator of your endurance level and upper body strength. Pushup needs lots of energy to perform and it depends on your physical condition. There are many people who can’t perform a single proper push-up. This exercise involves your chest, abdominals, shoulders, triceps, and legs. This is a great way through which you can access your upper body fitness. A healthy and fit man should aim for 20 pushups and women should aim for 12 pushups at a time. Read more

Wall sit:

Wall sit is a great exercise for your lower body. This exercise is basically used to assess your lower body, endurance and your leg strength. You can do this exercise by “Sitting in an invisible chair” through your back up against a wall and try to stay as long as possible in this position. By doing this exercise you can easily gauge endurance in your leg muscles and lower body fitness. You have to keep your knees at a right angle, breathe freely and measure how long you can hold the position.


Fitness is not only the matter of getting bigger muscles and having a good shape. Flexibility is also a part of fitness. A fit body will have maximum flexibility than others. There are many ways by which you can check your flexibility level. First, sit on the floor and straight your legs and then try to touch your toes with your hands. If you are unable to touch your toe that doesn’t mean that you are physically unfit but if you do this exercise regularly you will be able to touch your toes and it will increase your flexibility.