Does Hypnosis Really Help with Weight Loss


The biggest problem when it comes to the struggle with weight loss and achieving the ideal body is that you can’t resist indulging in certain foods. Many people experience this with sweets, salty, or crunchy food like candy and potato chips. These cravings typically emerge at certain times of the day too.

Today, people are turning to hypnosis to try and assist them in their weight loss goals. Hypnosis can actually be effective if eating disorders and bad nutrition are the causes of a lack of progress when trying to lose weight. In its most basic form, hypnotizing someone can help bring their eating habits and patterns under control again.

The Objective of Hypnosis with Weight Loss

The primary goal of hypnosis is to make you change how you think about a situation. It opens up your mind to other options.

It usually works by dissociating your mind from your body. Hypnosis makes you think that you are someone looking down on your own mind and observing it from afar. If this doesn’t work, some standard thoughts in your mind can be changed slightly to make them easier to manage.

People who have struggled with weight loss usually have trouble managing their food intake. The problem here isn’t the food itself, though. To many people addicted to eating, food works in the same way as any other drug. A craving is present that is only satisfied when eating.

Hypnosis is all about taking your mind apart and reprogramming it. Repeated sessions increase the effectiveness of the hypnosis. Faith is an important part of the process, as you need to believe that the person hypnotizing you can help you with your problem.

The Concepts Behind Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

There are some basic concepts that hypnotherapists apply to their patients. For one, they believe you are already equipped to lose weight. You don’t have to take pills and go on crazy diets. They believe in getting you to trust that you can do it too.

Another concept is that people try to attain goals they think they can do. In hypnosis, this is an important theory. The basis of this is that you believe you can be hypnotized. This can be done by tricking you or by convincing you through words that you can be. The firmer your belief in the effectiveness of the process, the stronger the effect will be. You have to allow your hypnotist to tell you that you can reach your weight loss goals, in order to make it work.

Unlike most other fitness regimes and diet plans, negativity is not used in hypnosis. Only positive suggestions to the mind have an effect that lasts for a long time. This is usually done by making you write a mantra you can tell yourself all the time. This has to have a positive note to it and will motivate you to respect and appreciate the body you have under all the fat you don’t need.

Most importantly, hypnosis unlocks the power of your imagination. The victory on your path to weight loss needs to be visualized. This is what a hypnotherapist helps you do. They make you imagine a day where you are only eating healthy food. Then they show you the steps to getting to that day.

Do you have cravings for certain types of food? A hypnotherapist takes the images of your favorite unhealthy snack food and sends them away into the sky. They do this by making you imagine your food on a cloud, in a car, or in a different form of transport. You are then asked to imagine this flying away into the distance, never to come back. Symbolism like this allows you to counteract the attraction that a symbol like the McDonald’s M has on your mind.

You need also to realize that your body requires energy to survive. If you have an unhealthy diet and you’re trying to lose weight, your body will make you eat whatever is currently in your diet that has the highest calories. This is basic human programming. No hypnotherapist will suggest that your body give up this source of energy. Your first step should be to balance out your diet by stopping the liquid diets, starvation diets, and crash diets.

One last thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be ashamed about falling off the wagon. In hypnosis, your weight loss goals will benefit from a relapse. This is because you can take the opportunity to learn more about your own mind and figure out why exactly you fell off at that time. Whether this relapse was real or imaginary, you can learn how to handle it, get rid of the cause, and be prepared better to say no to the most attractive temptations in your life. Hypnosis helps with weight loss, as long as you are mentally and emotionally open to it.