What Hypnosis Is And What Is Hypnosis Not


Now, when you think of hypnosis, chances are if you’re like most people I meet, you picture a person slumped over in a chair.

Maybe even kind of like this picture:

What is hypnosis not?

O0O0O0O0O0 you are going into a deep hypnotic sleep as I infuse my power over you. Yea, if you thought you could take over the world with hypnosis, good luck with that. Definitely not what hypnosis is all about and a common misconception to boot. If it was like that, remember that TV Show Pinky and the Brain, yes, we’d have little grey mice sitting in bubbles ruling planet earth.

Last time I checked, they were still a cartoon so if you see mice ruling the world, you may want to make sure you’re not living on The Truman Show.

Both movies actually can describe a lot about life and hypnosis, which I’ll get into another time

One last common question I receive is if it’s possible to use hypnosis “on” somebody… more often than not, I’m asked if one can use it on women (or men if you’re a woman) Sure, there’s a whole industry who call themselves PUAs and some pretty dark, twisted people involved in that application. Believe it or not, there are also representatives in that industry who may seem manipulative and whatnot on the surface but underneath their main intention is growing confidence.

The bottom line is “using hypnosis on someone” is manipulative (though it’s possible and completely ethical to positively manipulate someone if they give you covert signals, to which you give them options (will describe this in another post so stay tuned) and negative manipulation is not what we’re talking about here.

For now, suffice it to say, the above picture does not represent hypnosis. Check out the FAQ section of this here website to discover even more about what hypnosis is not (finish reading this post first though cuz there’s something in it for you)

So, then, the question remains, what is hypnosis?

Well, hypnosis is a lot like your golden ticket to living your best life now…

Your Hypnotic Golden Ticket

Yes, kinda like in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971 film adaptation of the book by Roald Dahl btw) when his and grandpa’s life changed when they were scared but excited at the same time to take the ride. AND, despite the degenerative talk by the rest of the family, they both lit up like Christmas trees on a gorgeous Christmas morn.

… so, why have I used so many movie references in the first 300 words of my post about hypnosis you may be wondering?

Well, hypnosis has many things in common with watching a movie. You’ve probably been in a trance at some point in your life and simply didn’t realise it. Ever driven a car and not known how you arrived somewhere safe?

Ever watched a movie and been so engrossed in what was happening you forgot to remember it wasn’t real as the events on the silver screen tugged at your heart strings?

Guess what dear reader?

You, my friend, have been in trance and experienced hypnosis. I could name every possible way you’ve probably been in hypnosis but we’d be here for 2,000+ words and I respect your time and mine so we’ll leave that for another time. You can also find the slightly more in-depth answer to “what is hypnosis” under the FAQ section of this website.

A common theme throughout the training certification I completed after studying hypnosis for many years was the concept of “H+” (read: H plus) Wanting something FOR another person… not FROM them. Living from love, not throwing your fish in their sea, using positive uplifting reinforcement instead of underhanded guilt and negative covert manipulation.

Look, I can only be your guide with hypnosis. So, when you’re ready, and I wonder just when now is the right time for you to experience your freedom in whatever way that means for you, I can be your guide with you on your wonderful journey to living your best life, now.