What is covert hypnosis, How it works?


So you want to learn covert hypnosis? Many people these days have heard about it and a lot of them are really curious about its power. Is there someone trying to hypnotise people without them knowing? Can you do it? Many of us believe in certain things, it means that you rely on your conscious minds to judge which thing is true or false, and you will never think that one day your conscious minds will be controlled by a hypnotist. If you are interested in the subject of covert hypnosis and want to discover your subconscious minds, read on and you will find out that the art of covert hypnosis is such an incredible experience that it keeps surprising every moment you find out something new about it.

The definition of covert hypnosis should be first clarified for your initial understanding. Covert hypnosis (conversational hypnosis alternatively), is the art of making a change in people's thought patterns, behaviour, perceptions as well as feelings by sending out subliminal messages to the person.

You must know that covert hypnosis is far different from hypnotherapy which allows people to fall into a trance and follow positive suggestions. Instead of relaxing and closing your eyes, your eyes will be wide open and you are really attentive in the first process of covert hypnosis. The hypnotist will use their words, body languages, gestures as well facial expressions which appear to be very normal but actually are purposeful to covertly contact or communicate with person’s subconscious mind, accordingly the one who is hypnotised will decide to change their mind without noticing that they are hypnotised.

In covert hypnosis, trance states are carried out quite differently in comparison with ordinary hypnosis, yet you can see some common features such as the critical thought will disappear and your thinking will be concentrated and selective.

So, how to hypnotise someone? Generally, the hypnotist makes up the suggestions metaphorically or obviously, however sometimes the suggestions can be stated directly. One common but really great way is telling stories, for example, the hypnosis can start that:” I want to share you my story, one night; my friend went to …..” The purpose of stories is inspiring listeners’ imagination, at that time they will not use their critical mind to think of, instead, they will be living with the characters and situations happening in the story. Gradually, the listeners will believe in your story and then will completely change their conscious mind into the subconscious mind. It is the right time for the hypnotist to implement the work.

To implement conversational hypnosis successfully, there are many covert hypnosis techniques needed such as rapport and the ability to make people trust on the teller, etc.

If you really believe in the existence of such technique and want to know how to use covert hypnosis, do read further, as covert hypnosis is truly worthy for you to get a deep insight into.