Ah! What is it we really seek in life?


The things we all really want out of our lives is just to live comfortably, not have too much debt, have our children go to a good college and graduate with honors and retire in the home our our dreams, and preferably have our spirit or soul end up in a good place once we have exhausted our physical bodies, right? Well, this can be and it should be for every one of us. However, we are all our own worst enemy when it comes down to it. We all have dreams of becoming someone that can do what we want when we want with out the worry of money, and to have the love of our life beside us all the way to the end. My purpose here is to help the readers of this blog to find new and different ways to look at themselves and to discover new things in the way of thinking and seeing the world around us.

We, well I would like to assume, although that can get us all into trouble that is depending on what it is I am assuming, all have wondered how things work in this world and why others are in what some consider a better place than others. The thing is anyone can get what they want with the right mind set and outlook on life. Above I mentioned that we are our own worst enemy and we are. When it comes to following our dreams some of us listen too closely to others telling us that we are crazy to think the way we are and therefore we give up and flounder the rest of our lives working in a factory or a grocery store or even as an executive for some huge corporation. The later may not really be the path that we set out to be on with and education.

What I am saying here is there are other ways to have abundance in our lives other than large amounts of money. Having a feeling of general well being in the knowledge that one does not have to worry about a roof over ones head, where the next meal is coming from, or the bills getting paid should be sufficient enough to make us happy. But some of us have self esteem issues that can create or rather help create behavioral problems for us, i.e. drinking, smoking, drugs, weight issues and so on and so forth. Therefore, we come to the purpose of this communication. I wish to help others by providing insight into what can affect us and how we may combat and change the way others see themselves as to change these perspectives they have.

My plan is to offer examples of the issues and provide suggestions on how to fix or rather minimize their effects, in some cases, through teaching meditation techniques and providing questions that the reader should ask themselves in order to find the root causes of a behavior they wish to change. I will start with one of the most common of all and that will be Cigarette Smoking. I have personal experience with this and will try to explain on how to go about quitting without the help of the over the counter drugs like the gum or the patch. So stay tuned and I hope to see some readers here at my next posting.