What is Persuasion


Is this Persuasion

Persuasion could be used for a variety of purposes like influencing people to do what you want, make people agree with you, win arguments the easy way, make people to commit with you, convince people to change a bad habit, etc..

Uses of Persuation

Persuasion Skills could be used for simple things like persuade someone to do something that they wouldn’t usually do, to even more complicated things like using persuasive attraction to seduce someone. The range of use of Persuasion and Persuasion Skills is so large that is applicable in all areas of our lives.

You can do these things if you learn how use it the right way. But, used in the wrong way, Persuasion will not work and his magic don’t show up.

I want to show you how persuasion it’s used in the wrong way through a short story, and show you how funny its become if you don’t learn how to use it.

This is a conversation between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, the M-I-L its trying to persuade his D-I-L to do her laundry.


M-I-L: Would you like me to fold some of that laundry for you?

D-I-L: No thanks, I’m saving it to do while watching Dr. Phil or Oprah today. But thanks anyway! (I actually don’t like her doing it, she ruins my clothes)

M-I-L: Are you sure? I’d be glad to.

D-I-L: No, thanks, I’m good. Nice offer though, thanks.

M-I-L: Really, it’s no problem I’ve got nothing else to do.

D-I-L: No, thanks.

M-I-L: It’s not a big deal, I’d be glad to.

D-I-L: (not saying anything, but thinking of all the things I’d be glad to do to her if she asks me one more time)

Ten minutes later, she’s doing her laundry. Seriously, doing her laundry. When she ask her why she’s doing it, she says “you never said no that last time so I thought I’d go ahead”.

This woman had convinced herself that her powers of persuasion were so good that she’d talked her into it lol.”

Now you know why I choose the title “Is this Persuasion?”

Well, absolutely NO. The mother in law don’t convince her daughter in law to do her laundry for her, she only have convinced herself that she will do her laundry. So no real Persuasion being used here.

It was more like self convincing or a self belief that she must do her laundry because her daughter in law don’t say anything the last time.

Don’t fall for this trap, it isn’t just believing that you are persuading someone, it’s actually doing it!!