What is reality?


Has anyone been reading this? Feel free to leave comments. Have you seen the film "What the Bleep do we know". The film is based on how we perceive reality and how quantum particles react in nature. The theory is these particles react a certain way only because they are being watched.

One, and I think this is a very pertinent observation, question comes to mind, what makes these particles aware that there is an observer present? If this theory is actually fact then it proves that as an observer watches they are concentrating on what they are looking at, which is sending thought waves out into the airwaves thus affecting what is being watched. You see we are made up of energy and our thoughts are a form of energy. Therefore, energy is all around us at different levels of strength. As of yet there is no technology to measure this type of energy, yet every day we are seeing the results of our own thoughts because of our experiences.

The reality we experience is based on our beliefs, our thoughts, and our representational systems which drive the way we see and understand what goes on around us. What is a representational system you ask? Well, it is a system of analysis that we use to experience our surroundings. In a more basic terminology it is how we learn things. Are you a visual learner, i.e. do you learn better reading and watching things, do you understand things better if you hear them explained or are you better at physically doing something in order to better understand what it is. This last process might involve touching what it is you are attempting to comprehend.
What gets me, and makes me chuckle is, if you are reading this, you may be saying to yourself, "I already know this stuff." or "This guy is out of his mind." The fact remains that what I have been talking about here is real and there is really no way to deny that our thoughts, guided by our beliefs, do in fact affect how and what we experience in our daily lives. This can lead us to the type of thought patterns we engage ourselves in that affect our experiences. Of course I am speaking about positive and negative thoughts.

Yes the "affirmation" and "bad thoughts" are things that, if repeated enough and stated while we are emotionally charged, can and will affect us and those around us in either direction. The act of just repeating an affirmation is not enough to make it work. Which is why I chuckle at those who profess to think they are helping others by saying just parrot these phrases and your life will improve. However, it is the same with the thoughts of a negative connotation. It comes down to, not just what we think or say, but how we think or say the things that we either believe or want to believe. Thus the mere act of saying " I am a great at sales" is not enough.

There really is no "If" when it comes to the desire to change your thought patterns. The thing is if one wishes to change and this want is a strong desire, meaning, that you are emotionally ready for this wanted change, you have the ability to change. Everybody has the potential to change the things they wish. However, the issue is are they ready to. This is dependent on how they perceive themselves and how real this perception is to them. Again I ask you how "Real" is what you perceive around you? It doesn't take a drug to change ones perception of the world.

All it takes is a change in the way we look at our surrounds. We can identify patterns that we follow in our daily lives that are the casual effects of our thoughts. It is our thoughts that create our actions and give meaning to what we do. It is our belief''s that drive our thoughts and distort what we see and hear to be real only to us. If we consider someone telling us daily, that we have an inability to do a specific task correctly, without even trying to help us understand where we make our mistakes, then we eventually come to believe that we are incompetent.

This is fact. On the other hand in the above example, we have given up our power, so to speak, to this resource of negativity, and have begun to believe what they say as truth. We begin to feel emotionally charged in a negative way. Here is the secret, we do not have to give up our belief in our own abilities so easy. When we do we give that person control over our emotions and thus over our life. This then becomes reality.

Never give in to other people trying to control your emotions. When they try, they are appealing to your need for safety and causing you to fear the lose of it. This then becomes your reality by being fearful of losing your perception of safety. You begin to lock you doors every time you get home, you constantly look over your shoulder to see if you are being followed, or robbed. The fact is the more you think about these things the more likely they will happen to you.

This is because of the energy your thoughts are transmitting into the airwaves. It is the law of attraction at work. This attraction works both ways. Nevertheless, Our realities are based on our beliefs, our representational systems and our emotions. We can look at this as an equation; Reality = Belief + representational system x our emotions. In mathematical terms it would look like this; R = (B + RS) x E.

Math does not lie and therefore our reality is what we make it out to be. We can say as well, by replacing the terms B and RS, for (P), perception. Because it is our beliefs and our representational systems that guide our perception. Furthermore, we can solidify this equation into one term, P x E= Thought. Thus we get T=R. This does bring up an interesting query. What causes us to believe, what we think to be true? Food for thought, I believe. I can go on and on here, but I shall end it and say have a great day and enjoy thinking about how we shape our realities. I will expound on the how affirmations actual work at a future date so stay tuned!