Why Some People Can’t Be Hypnotised


“I can’t be hypnotised”. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone has said that to me. Sometimes people who say that are the ones who go quicker into trance than anyone else. And the interesting thing is when I ask the person what would it mean for them to be hypnotised or how would they know if they were hypnotised, they can’t answer me. So, they are saying here is something they can’t do, but they don’t know what it is they can’t do. Incredible!

Here is the straight scoop. Studies show that 10-20% people coming in off the street with no previous experience can easily and quickly be hypnotised. If you are thinking you can’t be hypnotised, then perhaps you are in the other percent. Maybe so.

Going into a trance is something that can be learned. If you can’t be hypnotised the first time around, it is something you can learn in a few sessions. The only people who truly can not be hypnotised are those who fall below a 70 IQ level.

Why would you want to learn it? Read these two pages.

  1. What Hypnosis Is Good For
  2. How Hypnosis Works

I will close this post by saying the people who say they can’t be hypnotised are usually already in a trance – a trance I call being up in the head.

They already have extreme powers of focus and concentration (two things needed for an excellent trance). They say they can not be hypnotised because it is difficult for them to let go, get out of the head, and become entranced by something else. They usually are very strong pessimists.

Sometimes people who say they can’t be hypnotised are the ones who have trouble letting go in other areas of life – insomnia, sexual problems, being really close to another person, enjoying life!

All I can say to such a person is if you want to experience being entranced, you can learn to let go and let yourself become mesmerised by something magical, you can do it. So you too can benefit from all the positive things you can accomplish while in a hypnotic trance.