How Does Hypnosis Work On The Brain - Hypnotic Effects On Mind


Hypnosis Is Nothing But An Art Of Rewiring Mind.

It is long believed that Hypnotists have some kind of ability to induce sleep (unconscious) like states in which the individuals responds to Hypnotists suggestions accordingly skipping the need for decision taking.

To have a clear understanding of How Does Hypnosis Work on the Brain let’s see science behind hypnotic states and how our mind responds to it.

Hypnotic states And Mental Absorption

Hypnotic states can be categorised by the nature of person’s adoption and response to suggestion.

Individual may respond in different orientations which may include

  1. Relaxation: A feeling of a deep mental relaxed state.
  2. Mental Absorption towards suggestion
  3. Reduced capability to make decisions
  4. Temporary debarment from time and sense of itself
  5. Overwhelming and automated response towards Instruction

Effects Of Hypnotic Suggestion On Brain

In the previous section, Hypnotic states we have learnt Hypnosis is all about inducing suggestions and how individual’s brain corresponds to it.

From the suggestion point of view let’s see what is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of sub-consciousness in which a person’s mind is highly responsive towards instructions.

To understand better suppose your thoughts as never ending train with destination already set. Now what a hypnotist does is he changes the direction and destination of the train.

Why does our brain need Hypnosis?

In normal condition, people use to see suggestion as a matter of choice either they can follow or refuse the given instruction.

But in a Hypnotised state, they are more likely to accept the suggestions given to them.

Why this happens?

You will never believe but 19 out of 20 people take rational decisions, people are tied to be rational they are used to think a lot.

The theory Of Mind (Hypnotic View)

On the basis of consciousness, our mind can be divided into two parts

  1. Conscious
  2. Subconscious

The conscious mind takes all the accounts of information’s which we are currently dealing with in our daily life for example at present your conscious mind is in function while reading this article “How Does Hypnosis Work on the Brain”.

Now suppose you came across an unfamiliar word let’s say “consciousness” you will search the meaning of the word in Wikipedia and one you are familiar with the word you will no long dazzle with the wiki.

This is where subconsciousness comes into play

When we come across a word too often, we are able to relate it to emotions and feelings associated with it.

The word gets stored in our subconscious mind.

This is why people who had too many bad experiences in their lives are likely to become pessimistic and expect bad things to happen in future.

The Critical Hypnotic Mind

For the thoughts to enter and gets stored in our subconscious mind the thought has to bypass the conscious mind.

The imaginary layer which separates subconscious mind and the conscious mind is called critical mind.

The work of handling what thoughts will bypass the conscious mind and gets stored in sub-consciousness mind is done by this layer.

How to Bypass Imaginary Critical Hypnotic Mind

A relaxed state is capable of bypassing Imaginary Critical Hypnotic Mind

When someone is relaxed their mind develops an altered state of consciousness.

Let’s say when someone is drowned in alcohol their mind is no longer able to function the same, their ability to judge the situation is distorted and same happens to critical mind.

The same effect is also seen while Mediation

The Meditated mind is so relaxed to neglect the effect of a critical mind.

And as we have learnt Hypnosis is an altered state of conscious the same thing applies to it as well.

In deeply hypnotised state our mind is in a state of absolute relaxedness. It becomes more open towards suggestions.


  1. Hypnosis is nothing but an art of rewiring mind
  2. In Hypnotised state our mind develops an overwhelming and automated response towards Instruction.
  3. Hypnosis can be defined as an altered state of human consciousness in which a person’s mind is highly responsive towards instructions.
  4. Human mind can be divided into subconscious and conscious mind
  5. Conscious mind manages the activities of day to day life and subconscious mind stores the thoughts which are repeated.
  6. The Critical mind is an imaginary layer which decides what thoughts will bypass the conscious mind and gets stored in the subconscious mind.
  7. In a relaxed state the layer of critical mind gets thin and, suggestions are more prone to enter our sub-conscious mind.
  8. We can achieve a high degree of a relaxed state by following the Hypnosis process.
  9. Hypnosis Work on the Brain by making our mind relaxed enough to accept the instructions given to us.