Your Finances And Hypnosis


So, you have been affected by the stock market, tax debt, credit card debt or some kind of financial strain that has you stressed out, huh?!

How is stressing out working for you?

It used to hurt me big time in the sense that my well being was never all that great, which affected every other area of my life. Sleep definitely would not come easy and it even affected my eating habits because I would eat more of less healthy food. Had to find some kind of outlet to make me feel good, know what I mean?

Relationships were also affected in many different ways from my marriage to relationships with friends and business colleagues. I’m now no longer married while some of the friends and people I did business with are no longer around. Now, some of those lost relationships may not have been due to money directly between them and I. Sometimes, the financial situation I was dealing with on my own led me to be a not-so-fun person to be around. And I don’t blame anyone that distanced themselves away from me in those instances.

Then I discovered how hypnosis could help me release the stress with stress management hypnosis.

And it helped in a big way to where I am now able to be in a totally chaotic situation and calm myself to a centre of peace instantly. Do I float around the room like a spiritual guru and shine light like the sun?!

Hah! That would be pretty awesome if I did… I would totally be like “ermahgerd, I’m floating, you better be wearing sunglasses for this %^&*”

Instead of staying stuck in the problem, I chose to access a different level of consciousness than what created the problem.

Imagine that…

… floating out of the problem by discovering a solution by not even thinking about it and letting my subconscious mind do all the work. (which it loves to do anyways, so why deny it?!)

A lot of what I learned and then applied has to do with breathing, triggers, pattern interrupts (laughing is a great one), and focus. No, you’re probably not going to do it overnight either – or maybe you will don’t let me be the one to limit your abilities. Heck, don’t let ANYONE limit your abilities for that matter, not even you!

I promise you, with application consistently, you will get it down and it will become second nature to you, too.

So, hypnosis helps you with your finances because it allows you to calm your mind, which, in turn, helps you make better decisions while seeing the bigger picture. Pssssst… You don’t have to be able to picture things in your mind, either. Hypnosis can also be used to train your subconscious mind to lead you towards more profitable decisions, too. I’m not promising you’re going to make a billion dollars by next week though over time you can train yourself to increase your decision-making ability.